1. Tax Benefits Galore

LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money not only doubles your investment in five years but also offers tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, making it a lucrative option for tax planning.

2. Risk-Free Investment

Unlike other investment options, LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money guarantees your principal amount and provides assured returns, eliminating the risk associated with market fluctuations.

3. Flexibility in Premium Payment 

This plan offers flexibility in premium payment options, allowing you to choose between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual payment modes, depending on your convenience.

4. High Liquidity 

LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money allows partial withdrawals after the completion of three policy years, providing you with liquidity in times of need.

5. Multiple Policy Options 

You can choose from various policy options available under LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money, catering to different investment needs and risk appetites.

6. Attractive Bonus Additions 

The plan offers attractive bonus additions, which enhance the maturity amount and boost the overall returns on your investment.

7. Loan Facility 

In case of emergencies, you can avail a loan against your LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money policy, ensuring financial support without surrendering the policy.

8. Life Cover 

Along with the investment benefits, this plan provides life cover throughout the policy term, ensuring financial security for your loved ones.

9. Additional Riders 

You can enhance your policy coverage by adding riders like accidental death benefit, critical illness benefit, or disability benefit, tailoring the plan as per your specific requirements.

10. No Medical Examination 

For policies with a sum assured up to a certain limit, LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money does not require any medical examination, simplifying the application process.

11. Surrender Value 

If you need to surrender the policy before the completion of the full term, LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money provides a surrender value, allowing you to exit with some financial benefit.

12. Bonus on Maturity

Apart from the guaranteed returns, the plan also provides a bonus on maturity, further boosting your overall investment growth.

13. Nomination Facility

You can nominate a person to receive the policy benefits in case of your unfortunate demise, ensuring the smooth transfer of funds to your chosen nominee.

14. Revival Option

 If you fail to pay the premiums within the grace period, the policy can be revived within a certain period, saving you from losing out on the benefits.

15. Age Eligibility

 LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money is available for individuals aged 8 to 60 years, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals seeking stable and secure investment options.

Remember to consult a financial advisor or LIC representative to understand the specific terms and conditions of LIC Plan 5 Years Double Money before making any investment decision.