LIC Accidental Death Claim Process 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accidents can happen in our life without any warning, and it can be even more painful if we lose one of our members in these accidents whose departure affects our financial condition. In such circumstances, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is popular for providing accidental death insurance benefits to its policyholders. But after an accidental death, the claim is postponed due to not doing the claim process properly. Therefore, it is important for you to implement your claim process correctly.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the LIC accidental death claim process, outlining the steps and requirements required. Let us look at the process to ensure a smooth and efficient claim settlement.

What is LIC Accidental Death Claim Process?

LIC Accidental Death Claim Process: When an insured person becomes a victim of an accident and unfortunately loses his life, then his beneficiaries are entitled to claim the accidental death benefit provided by LIC. To ensure successful claim settlement, it is important to follow the correct process and submit all required documents promptly. So that your claim can be settled quickly.

What is the Accidental Death Benefit?

Accidental death benefits are an additional feature offered by LIC with their life insurance policies. These benefits provide financial compensation to the nominee or beneficiaries if the insured dies due to an accident. The sum assured under this benefit is different from regular life insurance coverage and can help reduce the financial burden caused by a sudden loss.

LIC Accidental Death Claim Process
LIC Accidental Death Claim Process

The first step to start the claim process

The first step to claiming an accidental death benefit from LIC is to inform the insurance company about the unfortunate event. For this, you have to contact LIC’s customer care helpline or visit your nearest branch office and inform them about the accident and subsequent loss of life and property. Then the customer care representative will help you with the claim process and provide the application form with the required information.

Documents required to start the claim process

To start the claim process, you will need to gather some documents and submit them. The details of the documents required for the claim process are given below:

  • original policy document
  • Accidental Death Claim Form
  • A death certificate issued by the appropriate authority
  • Police FIR or post-mortem report (if applicable)
  • Medical records and hospital documents related to the accident
  • Identity proof and bank account details of the nominee
  • Any other document specified by LIC

Make sure to provide all the required documents in their original form along with the claim form to avoid any delay or complications during the claim settlement.

File a Claim Form

Once you have collected all the required documents, you must fill the Accidental Death Claim Form correctly and clearly. Double-check all the information given before submitting it to LIC. Otherwise, incomplete or incorrect information may lead to unnecessary delay in the claim settlement process.

Then Verify and Check

Once the claim form and supporting documents are received, LIC will initiate a verification and scrutiny process. This stage involves verifying the authenticity of the documents submitted and investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident and death of the insured. LIC may request additional information or conduct interviews as part of its investigation.

Claim Settlement Process

On successful completion of verification and investigation, LIC will proceed for claim settlement. And under Accidental Death Benefit, the sum assured as mentioned in the policy will be distributed to the nominees or beneficiaries. The settlement can be done either in lump sum or in installments depending on the terms of these policies and the beneficiary’s preference.

After coming here your LIC Accidental Death Claim procedure ends

Timeframe for Claim Settlement

LIC aims to settle claims as quickly as possible, but the timeframe may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the availability of all the required documents. Generally, LIC strives to settle claims within 30 days from the date of receiving the complete claim documents. However, certain cases may require additional time for investigation and processing.

Appeal Process

In the event of claim rejection or dissatisfaction with the settlement amount, you have the right to appeal LIC’s decision. File an appeal with the Grievance Redressal Cell of LIC, providing all relevant details and supporting documents. LIC will review the appeal and respond within a reasonable time frame.

Dealing with rejection

In case your claim is rejected, review the rejection letter carefully and understand the reasons given by LIC. In the event of any discrepancy or if you feel that the rejection is unfair, seek legal advice or consult an insurance expert. They can guide you on the proper steps to challenge the rejection and help with the appeals process.


Losing a loved one in an accident is a tragic experience, but knowing the LIC accidental death claim procedure can help ease the financial burden during such difficult times. By following the outlined steps and submitting the required documentation promptly, you can ensure a smooth and efficient claim settlement. Remember to stay informed, maintain open communication with LIC, and seek professional guidance when needed.

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FAQs about LIC Accidental Death Claim Process

Q 1: Can I claim accidental death benefits if the insured person had pre-existing medical conditions?

The basic rule is that accidental death compensation are available independently of any existing medical issues. However, certain policy terms and circumstances could change, therefore it’s crucial to read the policy document for complete details.

Q 2: What happens if the accidental death claim is filed after the policy has expired?

Accidental death claims can typically be filed within a certain timeframe after the insured’s death, even if the policy has expired. Contact LIC and provide all the relevant details to initiate the claims process.

Q 3: How long does the claim settlement process usually take?

LIC aims to settle claims within 30 days from the date of receipt of complete claim documents. But in many cases, the time frame may vary depending on the complexity and availability of all the required documents.

Q 4: Can the claim settlement be made to a joint bank account?

Yes, LIC can disburse the claim settlement amount to a joint bank account if it is mentioned as per the policy’s nomination details.

Q 5: Is it necessary to involve a lawyer in case of claim rejection?

In case of claim rejection, consult an insurance expert for legal advice that can help you understand your appeal process.

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